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safe1659056 artist:pinweena3038 derpibooru exclusive27071 applejack165944 fluttershy207571 pinkie pie211519 rainbow dash228479 rarity177564 twilight sparkle294226 alicorn215294 earth pony231612 pegasus273471 pony923149 unicorn304127 circling stars442 cowboy hat14856 crying42169 cute192598 dashabetes8828 diapinkes9450 end of ponies779 eyes closed88383 female1321935 happy29983 hat83223 hug27233 jackabetes5695 magic70904 mane six31140 raribetes5161 sad23793 shyabetes13081 smiling235921 stars14904 tears of joy2379 thank you255 twiabetes11305 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121099 winghug2790 wings97380


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Sci-Twi Lover
OP, please, you gonna learn about tagging properly next time, "Screencap" is ONLY FOR official screen captures, even official animations or whole official video sections, from the official MLP content, this is fan-made drawn by the whole artist itself, unless if it's an edited screencap.

Hugs for the last ride of Friendship!