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safe1770123 artist:pinweena3039 derpibooru exclusive29717 applejack174813 fluttershy219062 pinkie pie221877 rainbow dash240366 rarity187267 twilight sparkle308465 alicorn236178 earth pony274556 pegasus316743 pony1030048 unicorn350648 circling stars461 cowboy hat17746 crying45335 cute208068 dashabetes9745 diapinkes10380 end of ponies798 eyes closed100010 female1418816 happy32607 hat92067 hug29453 jackabetes6337 magic76388 mane six32853 raribetes5693 sad25400 shyabetes14690 smiling266868 stars16586 tears of joy2664 thank you262 twiabetes12376 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127162 winghug3014 wings126918


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OP, please, you gonna learn about tagging properly next time, “Screencap” is ONLY FOR official screen captures, even official animations or whole official video sections, from the official MLP content, this is fan-made drawn by the whole artist itself, unless if it’s an edited screencap.
Hugs for the last ride of Friendship!