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Hello everypone! It’s Mya again! It has been two months since I updated my art profile and it’s because I’m really busy with school which is ending… So it’s means exams closing in and all that stuff… But even if it’s slow, that doesn’t stop me to give you some more pony art in the end!
This one is a particular one. It’s kinda all the main characters of my future stories in the pony universe. And The Empress is the first character who has been created and of course, the other stories only went on because she’s the origin of the world they live in (no spoilers, ain’t gonna explain more) so that’s why she’s biggest element into the picture and the other heads kind of follow her trails with theirs. So I hope you enjoy, see you soon and have a good evening!
safe (1431447)artist:mya-chan nina (36)oc (526301)oc:edward krucifix (2)oc:francis fang (3)oc:holly water (2)oc:metal mya-chan (5)oc:mya-chan the vampony (10)oc only (364742)oc:sweetie(empress)mya (3)alicorn (164178)pegasus (188720)pony (700013)unicorn (204213)vampony (1229)alicorn oc (17855)angry (20066)colored background (75)colored muzzle (15)crown (10860)different angle (15)dyed mane (203)eyebrows (1838)glasses (47098)horn (26362)huge mane (61)jewelry (39267)neutral (23)open mouth (104496)regalia (12402)royalty (853)smiling (183661)sunglasses (11513)teary eyes (2371)title (191)tongue out (75977)traditional art (96559)wall eyed (96)wings (53331)

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