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safe1588331 artist:buttercupsaiyan0 artist:imafutureguitarhero276 twilight sparkle284081 alicorn199976 imp133 pony860127 3d65797 absurd resolution63707 adaptation53 alternate hairstyle24857 alternate manestyle20 border159 chromatic aberration1368 colored sclera570 crossover58284 duo50752 fangs21894 female1228656 film grain186 floppy ears46636 freckles25428 glow3944 horn47917 legend of zelda: twilight princess13 looking at each other17135 mare427750 midna137 midna sparkle26 multicolored hair4472 nose wrinkle2839 pun7170 raised hoof39519 recursive fanart25 reflection2888 riding4907 scitwilicorn544 signature19727 smiling218645 source filmmaker40071 the legend of zelda3473 the legend of zelda: twilight princess177 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116353 visual pun1537 walking4210 windswept mane2623 windswept tail119 wings81813