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safe (1430957)artist:cactuscowboydan (72)oc (526001)oc:king calm merriment (39)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (164036)human (130923)comic:fusing the fusions (177)comic:the bastion of canterlot (36)alicorn oc (17839)blushing (154060)book (27105)bucking (831)canterlot (3975)canterlot castle (1268)clothes (356226)comic (89722)commissioner:bigonionbean (481)cutie mark (33974)dat face expression tho (4)dat flank (549)dialogue (50727)dock (38056)flying (30008)funny face (273)fusion (3512)fusion:king calm merriment (39)gymnasium (92)human oc (178)in pain (43)leaves (1317)male (258486)meme (73499)neigh (154)potion (1438)pulling tail (2)sketch (53299)stallion (73150)suffering (63)sweat (19923)sweating profusely (257)tail (14806)tail pull (1807)thicc ass (279)thorns (191)twig (87)uncle and nephew (44)whinny (35)writer:bigonionbean (300)


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #0410
But you can’t help but think that he could just laugh it off and feel a bit ticklish, and not into full blown "gonna send my nephew into the air" mode.
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Background Pony #0410
Welp, that’s that. The kid is a gonner. Courtesy of the fat cheek meat of a funny faced alicorn king.
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