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safe (1431445)screencap (175204)pinkie pie (189308)rarity (157876)bird (5279)seagull (155)equestria girls (160044)equestria girls series (23958)spring breakdown (1956)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8535)animated (84871)armpits (35690)breaking the fourth wall (679)coconut cup (29)confused (3332)cute (149067)diapinkes (7024)exasperated face (9)fainting couch (733)feet (29602)flying (30028)fourth wall (2002)frown (19641)gif (24014)grin (28108)gritted teeth (9153)heart glasses (43)lidded eyes (18773)looking at you (120804)lounge chair (97)pinkie being pinkie (830)pinkie's spring fourth wall break (4)random (445)reading (5283)sandals (3371)screaming (2523)sitting (46223)sleeveless (2435)smiling (183668)squee (1816)sunglasses (11514)sunscreen (366)unamused (11339)wide eyes (14334)yelling (2492)

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nobody's favorite

The cameraman is probably getting real tired of this by now.