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safe1603272 screencap209302 pinkie pie206199 rarity172697 bird7194 seagull180 equestria girls185755 equestria girls series29784 spring breakdown2445 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12366 animated93586 armpits41590 breaking the fourth wall805 coconut cup33 confused4302 cute184255 diapinkes9037 exasperated face13 fainting couch877 feet36177 female1275499 flying35220 fourth wall2152 frown21692 gif28597 grin34102 gritted teeth10690 heart glasses54 lidded eyes27802 looking at you150272 lounge chair126 nose in the air1060 pinkie being pinkie1109 pinkie's spring fourth wall break4 random447 reading5864 sandals3920 screaming3057 sitting56785 sleeveless3556 smiling221851 squee1923 sunglasses13336 sunscreen494 unamused14397 wide eyes16241 yelling2853


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Background Pony #56BC
Rarity has terrible taste in birds.

(No, I'm not referring to Applejack.)