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safe1599402 caboose82 full steam184 promontory184 silver lining233 silver zoom230 sunburst6017 oc616065 oc:king calm merriment105 oc:king speedy hooves285 oc:tommy the human436 alicorn202466 earth pony210429 human145174 pegasus251762 pony868501 unicorn278529 comic:fusing the fusions186 comic:the bastion of canterlot36 alicorn oc23128 book31152 canterlot5295 canterlot castle1943 cape9352 clothes419299 comic102287 commissioner:bigonionbean1674 conductor hat63 dialogue60148 father and son819 fusion4705 fusion:king calm merriment105 fusion:king speedy hooves286 glasses55820 goggles13261 gymnasium104 hat78262 human oc442 magic67346 male338177 potion1888 sketch58307 stallion95800 uncle and nephew66 uniform9585 wonderbolts uniform5471 writer:bigonionbean1410


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Emu War veteran..
Ultimate coordination, expanded knowledge/memory, literal GOD status, immortality, respect/treatment as royalty, acting as guardians for the populace.

Basically, It's like the idea of the "dreadnought" naval vessel. The more the merrier, and the more firepower/security one can have for the nation. Granted that this program is voluntary.

I might have missed something story wise. But uh, please inform the ignorant: Why is this a program? Why do these ponies volunteer for it? (Not them specifically but ponies in general). And what exactly are the benefits of this program in the long run?

I'm seriously not trying to shame the artist, the one who thought up the story, or anyone who likes this. (I myself enjoy the "end" products ;P) I'm just curious to the process.
Background Pony #34E1
So even though they are not family by blood, they are still family. Very interesting, that'll kinda explains why the kid refers to Speedy as his dad and Calm as his uncle and vice versa.