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Background Pony #BAD1
Yeah, he's probably going to leave them in his cage, go "Mwahahaha!" twirl his mustache and leave back to the crystal empire, The mane six will learn to channel the EOH without their jewelry, and then we'll get the conclusion we saw in the trailer where they rainbow nuke him without the EOH
Background Pony #EF34
" Backstory" you mean, the one coming from the valueless comic series that pretty much everyone learned to nate with the time and that's 100% NOT canon?
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@Background Pony #2D53
That's just stupid. Everyone says he said and did nothing. The heck? He did what he did and said nothing in the process. So? We didn't have to know anything about him. This whole thing's a joke and now it's an even bigger one. As a fan of his character and his backstory I feel insulted!
Background Pony #EF34
I don't see what the big deal is. OK is voice is unfitting. So what? The last time was such a useless villain that didn't do anything for the entire episode. At least this time is not gonna hold back.
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Why couldn't they just leave well enough be. The comics did so much to give Sombra an interesting character and now the show just has to make that non-canon and give us something far more bland and cliche. I've been cursing the limitations of the show far to much these past few years. Also, that voice just does not work with Sombra's design. I can't hear that voice without imagining Sombra constantly twirling a mustache.
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So, I suppose it's happening right at the end of part 1, after Sombra destroyed the Tree, preventing heroes from nuking him… Let me guess, he's gonna grab a villain ball and left the Mane Six caged (instead of killing\mind controlling them) while he's off conquering Equestria, allowing them to escape\be rescued and thwart his plans.
Background Pony #E185
I don't really like that voice but… FUCK YESS!!! MY KING IS GETTING LINES!
Background Pony #2819
He still know that he still have 3 Princesses left, a draconeques, the tree of Harmony and The Crystal Heart.
But some of us already know what happen With the tree which is the final defense of Equestria and we just assume he already corrupt the Crystal Heart and used it against the whole Kingdom, with that two out of the way so yeah their in trouble.

It’s Red code for all Equestria.
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Yoooo. His voice actually isn't half-bad. Granted, it's not quite as… epic as most people have no doubt anticipated, but hey, at least now he'll be able to speak in sentences without tearing a few vocal chords every syllable.