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safe1920398 artist:zakro196 applejack184794 pinkie pie234584 earth pony339042 pikachu933 pony1267806 puffball451 waddle dee31 semi-anthro18407 :35504 bag6901 bipedal42402 cheek fluff7550 cheering885 chibi16198 cup7438 cute228496 dessert442 diapinkes11309 duo100779 egg tart1 eyes closed115266 female1555487 food83890 happy36897 hooves up598 irl76668 jackabetes6961 japanese9423 kirby529 kirby (series)851 lidded eyes37122 mare588689 micro10200 mug5208 open mouth187766 photo87515 plate2206 pokémon10117 ponies in real life6075 smiling315709 smirk15216 sparkles6114 steam2417 sweat32128 sweatdrop4250 tart6 tea3365 teacup3355 text72767 underhoof60011


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