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Same image, but w/ text.
safe1577788 artist:catscratchpaper99 edit117896 gallus5818 silverstream5282 classical hippogriff4463 griffon24899 hippogriff8331 fanfic:we're eggspecting!2 behaving like a bird601 blue text133 cute177910 diastreamies1022 egg3493 excited2611 fanfic art13074 fanfic cover1169 featured image787 female901173 food60993 funny3635 gallabetes604 gallstream342 gallus is not amused125 happy27691 i made this21 lidded eyes25774 looking at you144303 male306203 offspring34496 open mouth123421 parents:gallstream20 pink text288 shipping184259 smiling215546 straight121877 text51223 unamused13780 wide eyes16202


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Damn, and we can't fix it either because tag editing is locked and it's been my experience that mods NEVER accept tag change requests =/ this image will now forever be mistagged.
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Такие халивары из-за одного тэга… Вау…
I love derpibooru so much
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orion parish
Artist -

"… You two made an egg shaped rock. Big deal."

"Aww. How did you know?"

"I can sense love, remember? Neither of you like each other like that. It's just a bunch of idiots who keep thinking you should be together for no reason other than "Because they should be and that's that."

"See, that's what I said. But Silverstream wouldn't stop talking about how we could fool you guys. I just went along with it."

"Yona likes it."
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Pomegranates :P
@The Smiling Pony
@Frustration in Excelsis
Of course, chicken eggs also vary a lot in color — the white's mostly due to battery chickens tending not to get the nutrients they need in their diet.

No, the difference in colour is simply a genetic trait that has only affects the colour of the shell. For a long time stores claimed brown eggs were "healthier" or "free range" as a marketing trick to sell the exact same egg for more money. The colour of the yolk, though, is an indicator of healthy vs battery.

Yet they still charge us premiums for them….
Because a ton of people still buy into that spiel.
Nowadays, it's mostly up to preferences.

Frustration in Excelsis
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@The Smiling Pony
Huh. Well, I stand corrected. I'll look into that when I have some time for it, then.

@It's Not Lone15 Here
What @LightningBolt said — the presence of offspring in a picture is not, in itself, enough to warrant tags indicating the process by which the offspring was made. We don't exactly tag every image with Shining, Cadence and Flurry as "suggestive", after all, even though we can make a pretty good guess that sex must have happened to lead to that scene.
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