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safe2174168 artist:candyclumsy788 apple bloom60025 scootaloo58757 sweetie belle56740 earth pony446269 pegasus496431 pony1602328 unicorn537858 g42028809 :i1912 adorabloom3886 bed57779 bedroom16854 bipedal49497 cute265732 cutealoo3929 cutie mark crusaders22378 diasweetes3741 eye contact7683 feather8633 female1802529 filly97352 happy44505 hnnng2752 hoof hold12956 horn190372 looking at each other34326 looking at someone15976 mouth hold23751 open mouth237493 open smile31229 pillow25512 pillow fight258 puffy cheeks5145 signature43982 sleepover521 smiling397371 spread wings94500 trio26107 trio female5576 wings222958


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Background Pony #7891
CMC first pillow fight! next is them do a pillow fight with Diamond tiara and silver spoon and with their cutie mark!