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alternate version >>2000034
safe1637607 artist:evilfrenzy484 princess celestia92239 princess luna96457 oc641816 oc:cruithne38 oc:frenzy146 alicorn210737 pony903341 unicorn294605 adult foal1503 age regression1359 alicorn oc24429 angry25535 april fools752 april fools 201994 april fools joke147 baby10038 baby bottle695 baby pony6298 bib231 bonnet400 booties250 chase811 colt14050 diaper12858 diaper bag77 diaper fetish9419 female1303522 fetish37470 filly62784 foal15089 frilly diaper52 fruna66 heterochromia4956 levitation11400 magic69650 male350504 offspring36191 onomatopoeia3758 open mouth133121 pacifier2547 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna2094 parents:canon x oc1652 parents:fruna33 poofy diaper4239 prank1394 question mark4251 royal guard7264 sleeping22504 sound effects1866 telekinesis26191 underhoof49080 zzz2312


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