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alternate version >>2000034
safe (1409608)artist:evilfrenzy (426)princess celestia (82640)princess luna (87165)oc (516341)oc:cruithne (36)oc:frenzy (133)adult foal (1092)age regression (1187)alicorn (159211)alicorn oc (17437)angry (19526)april fools (685)april fools 2019 (90)april fools joke (142)baby (7507)baby bottle (560)baby pony (5309)bib (187)bonnet (363)booties (198)chase (650)colt (10979)diaper (10706)diaper bag (55)diaper fetish (7742)female (743094)fetish (28943)filly (49286)foal (12212)frilly diaper (40)heterochromia (3341)levitation (8445)magic (56371)male (251816)offspring (28263)onomatopoeia (2015)open mouth (101922)pacifier (2134)parent:oc:frenzy (36)parent:princess luna (1625)parents:canon x oc (1505)pony (675050)poofy diaper (3589)prank (1193)question mark (3463)royal guard (6332)sleeping (18972)sound effects (961)telekinesis (20190)underhoof (40611)unicorn (195967)zzz (1928)


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