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safe1588300 artist:badumsquish1940 derpibooru exclusive24641 twilight sparkle284640 pony855648 alarm55 cute180732 dilated pupils595 duolingo4 fake screenshot21 female918912 happy27945 head1328 implied threat11 intruder22 looking at you146238 mare420804 meme78831 oh no224 open mouth124849 parody15277 smiling218289 text51748 this will end in death2131 this will end in tears3090 this will end in tears and/or death2152 twiabetes10441 wat18705


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@Background Pony #EF13
You right we should stop…
That's a joke, I'm just gonna stop, and so should everyone else this has been going on for 2 months.
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Background Pony #F6EF
This comment thread is super unrelated to the image, so I should call in a mod. But I don't like doing that, so I'ma just unsubscribe from this pic.
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I'm aware of that. Because it's full auto, the only people who can own them are law enforcement or those with a manufacturer's license. There are no grandfathered AA-12s from '86

I'm asking how he is able to have the firearm.
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Also you gotta wait upwards of a year to pass the background check, and it's entirely illegal to buy a new machine-gun, so you're limited to one of the 630,000 used ones in the US which are highly coveted and super expensive collectors items that tend to run in the tens of thousands of dollars each. I got a buddy who's a big gun nut :D
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