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Uploader and commissioner's description:
The animated Terracotta Army are referenced from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (not a good movie imo) and a myth unit from Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. The front cover for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest was also used as a reference for character and weapon position.

Artist description in DA
A battle between the Royal Guards in MLP and the animated Terracotta Army of Qin Dynasty China.

A commission for FerrumFlos1st.
safe1614677 artist:souleatersaku90160 pegasus256949 pony882307 unicorn284843 ancient china2 armor22319 arrow1956 battlefield258 china827 chinese2660 commission58479 crossbow251 dust386 fight5884 halberd188 horn51881 injured3171 magic68382 royal guard7153 royal guard armor741 scar10846 spear2282 terracotta army2 war1188 warzone13 weapon28404


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Background Pony #C71C
Mechanically speaking, the units leave a sizable dust cloud that damages enemies inside it for (on average) 30% health. However, these clouds stack, which means when a bunch of them die, the resulting combined cloud does practically lethal damage.

Also, each time one of these dies, half the production cost of is refunded. Best method to kill these are ranged hero units or massed siege weapons imo.
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Background Pony #D4D9
From the Age of Empires Series Wiki:
"In addition, it expels lethal dust upon death…"

Pegasai would be very vulnerable after smashing a few of these guys, especially since their wings would cause the dust to scatter even more. They truly would have to hit and run and let the dust settle.

Now, unicorn mages, on the other hand, can just safely bombard them from a distance from under a shield wall/magical bubble.

All told, I love the rough, gritty look in the art style- matches the messiness of combat. I also have a soft spot for the halberds to Terracotta Warriors (Ji, or Dagger-Axes).
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