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Made this last November on a whim with a mini story. Forgot it until now.

Age ~1,200: After growing tired of constantly being beckoned for as the town wizard to perform mundane to fantastical requests for dozens of ponies a day, Kellin took it upon himself to travel into the outskirts of the town and take up residence in an abandoned house, along with changing his name, identity, appearance, and even a thinly veiled attempt as pretending he’s not a unicorn. This change resulted in him painting over his cutie mark and covering it with a various assortment of generic symbols that point him out as being unfriendly, to coincide with an edgier look to himself in general. He dyed his mane, he pierced his ears and lip, he started wearing spikes and makeup to deter others bothering him and to further mask his identity. He took up a cold and brooding personality to play into this identity, which stuck around for some decades after his initial hiding was no longer necessary. He never could manage to hide his horn very well as he relies on magic too much for his daily life, but he still kept trying. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t change his eyes, so anypony who recognized his distinct pupils would give him away, causing him to retreat even further.

Apologies for typos or incorrect grammar.

tl;dr, being a powerful ’unicorn’ can be tough and it made him hide a lot in the distant past.
safe (1426342)artist:lightningbolt (671)derpibooru exclusive (20252)pony (694336)unicorn (202322)annoyed (4314)choker (7198)clothes (354824)disguise (3111)disguised siren (248)dyed mane (202)dye tail (1)ear piercing (16842)eyeliner (721)fake cutie mark (345)fangs (17649)grumpy (2055)hair over one eye (6907)horn (25894)jewelry (38843)kellin quinn (144)lip piercing (743)long sleeves (198)makeup (14032)male (257165)necklace (12223)paint on fur (389)piercing (28250)ponified (34216)shirt (17127)simple background (290102)sitting (45984)sleeping with sirens (148)slit eyes (3068)solo (874341)spiked choker (961)spiked wristband (853)stallion (72707)svg (2924).svg available (6754)transparent background (151527)vector (66468)wristband (2414)

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