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Did some major innovation for this drawing, the hair was made in Blender and then later touched up in Procreate(first gen ipad pro) where the rest of the body was painted, all subtle fur textures were also made in Blender, and the water droplets near the wings in Blender.
safe1613498 artist:cherry pop39 rainbow dash223815 pegasus256539 pony881164 3d67562 absurd resolution64232 blender5395 blender cycles271 cloud28419 female1284004 flying35522 lightning2922 looking at you152148 mare438648 procreate app25 rain5717 solo1001623 storm735 subsurface scattering35


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Artist -

Seeing the thumbnail, I thought "Wow, this is a great drawing."

But then I saw the insane amount of detail and work put in, and now I'm speechless.

Cherry Pop
Artist -

@Background Pony #6E67
Thank you! - The longest part was rendering the hair in Blender because i have a slow computer, and i rendered it in 3 seperate parts, so 3 days for rendering, and the painting process took 2 days. 5 days in total.