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Woooo it’s been a long time since i made something related to this welp
here is AllSpark Studios Theatrical Animation Lineup
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Empress Cozy Glow
Wallet After Summer Sale

@Sonic Ranger
It was in that huge Hasbro leak in 2017. They had scheduled more Equestria Girls seasons beyond FiM’s end, and shortly after G5 was going to be rolled out.

But now I’m not so sure if that info holds up, to be honest. G5’s been pushed back to around 2021-ish, so who knows if that means we’ll be getting 3 more years of EQG content.
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Background Pony #E105
@northern haste
There’s no source for the picture, because it technically isn’t official. The artist made it based off information that was officially released by Hasbro months ago.
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Background Pony #0508
Hanazuki movie?
Sounds pretty interesting… Hopefully it keeps continuity with Season 2.
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