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explicit482375 artist:andaluce405 artist:braeburned5 artist:braeburned edits63 color edit9092 edit176809 shining armor28540 spike93308 dragon87705 pony1638912 unicorn555000 anal37507 anal creampie12943 bara154 colored25722 cowgirl position10313 creampie46831 cum107948 drool35520 drool string8342 erection26169 exclamation point5876 eyes closed142375 gay38052 gaydom354 heart79284 horsecock101852 infidelity10303 interspecies33141 knot6924 male564196 maledom7092 males only2247 nudity524410 older41358 older spike9350 on back35212 open mouth245266 orgasm19347 penetration89845 penis218444 pinned823 pinned down500 power bottom224 precum15406 sex175339 ship:spikemor100 shipping258773 size difference22482 stallion201769 tongue out150823