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safe1587519 artist:mrkat7214358 artist:trotsworth208 edit119262 applejack160032 fluttershy199443 pinkie pie204603 rainbow dash220741 rarity170851 twilight sparkle284512 pony855066 applejack (male)1028 applejacks (shipping)40 bubble berry1484 bubblepie119 butterscotch1752 dashblitz183 dusk shine2216 dusktwi57 elusive1155 female916157 flipped image9 flutterscotch108 happy hearts and hooves day8 hate290 holiday15843 i love you198 love4406 male309312 mirrored223 mirrored text12 one of these things is not like the others209 rainbow blitz2246 rarilusive53 rule 6325398 self ponidox7296 selfcest2595 shipping185458 straight122698 tsunderainbow366 tsundere2639 valentine's day3099


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