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i thought up the concept of a pony named bloodshot, who always has bloodshot eyes.. then i thought itd be hilarious if he was just extremely allergic to shit all the time. n then it only got even better when i realized it could be ponies or even just himself. decided to go w feathers bc even if its still ridiculous, its not as much so as the entire pony species

safe (1429119)artist:guidomista (68)artist:miiistaaa (68)artist:nijimillions (68)oc (525135)oc:bloodshot (14)pegasus (187996)pony (697878)accessories (530)albino (226)allergic (11)allergies (134)backstory (126)bio (166)bloodshot eyes (971)collar (24563)creepy (3470)crying (35768)design (410)director (66)famous (9)folded wings (3192)horror (450)illness (30)leg markings (1)long legs (244)looking up (11879)male (257960)markings (646)movie (639)movies (27)necktie (5259)nervous (4373)oc design (5)one hoof raised (525)one leg raised (61)open mouth (104181)personality (9)realistic wings (24)red (534)red eyes (4204)ref (29)reference (3202)reference sheet (8525)semirealism (12)semirealistic (8)shirt collar (5)short hair (1379)short mane (627)sick (1487)skinny (1743)slender (49)sneezing (1320)solo (875891)spiky hair (28)spiky mane (60)stallion (72970)standing (8233)striped feathers (2)teary eyes (2355)thin (58)two toned wings (971)white (371)wings (52968)

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