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safe1637794 artist:90sigma827 artist:shootingstarajm2 edit125561 applejack164433 fili-second804 fluttershy205498 humdrum444 masked matter-horn795 mistress marevelous708 pinkie pie209778 radiance781 rainbow dash226403 rarity175805 saddle rager810 spike76598 twilight sparkle291551 zapp772 alicorn210789 dinosaur990 tyrannosaurus rex262 indominus rex19 logo3456 logo edit343 mane seven6243 mane six30822 mountain4770 power ponies2627 power rangers628 power rangers dino thunder12 spoilers for another series876 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119863 wallpaper18224


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Background Pony #93DA
@JC the Hedgehog
Grogar: How amusing…BUT I AM THE FATHER OF MONSTERS! And I shall make you fall into despair…just like I did the rest of the world!

Cue a blinding light hitting Grogar in the face
JC the Hedgehog

Twilight: You listen to us right now! We may not be Power Ponies anymore, and our Elements may be gone, but their spirits still live — inside us! I, am Princess Twilight Sparkle…Magic!
Fluttershy: We have one thing you meanies could never have — a heart! Fluttershy…Kindness!
Rarity: That's one thing you can never take away from us, Ruffians! Rarity…Generosity!
Pinkie: And we're still the Guardians of Equestria, defenders of all things sweet! Pinkie Pie…Laughter!
Applejack: And as long as we have the power of Friendship on our side, we will never, ever give up! Applejack…Honesty!
Rainbow: We fight with every last breath in us to save the world and our more than 20% cooler home! I am, Rainbow Dash…Loyalty!
Twilight: Guardians of Equestria…
The Mane Six: UNITED WE ROAR! (all pose, explosions go off behind them)