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safe1878151 artist:dcon131 applejack182097 pinkie pie231134 rainbow dash251086 twilight sparkle321983 equestria girls223816 equestria girls (movie)8084 appledash6936 applejack's hat10660 ball4683 blushing224084 boots26285 bow34209 bowtie11887 clothes524491 comic118530 compression shorts1390 cowboy hat20092 denim skirt1972 dialogue74578 exclamation point4495 female1515945 football1742 freckles33605 grass11558 hat100712 heart55676 hug31792 implied kissing229 kicking2316 lesbian104402 omg114 open mouth178945 parody16266 pointing4621 scene parody952 shipping219956 shirt29668 shoes45293 shorts16110 simple background462903 skirt45260 smiling302263 sports4438 stetson5276 watching1518 white background117603 wristband4195


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Background Pony #4599
C’mon, Twilight, even you know what that means.
Yeah, she’d been to her brother’s wedding, she’s not blind lol