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boy, this was a pain to tag
This is my whole collection of merch.
Except for a few odd things I just couldn’t fit in this (mainly the two collectable card series).
safe (1342648)apple bloom (40895)applejack (139408)apple split (259)diamond tiara (8712)discord (25479)dj pon-3 (25806)doctor whooves (9105)fleetfoot (1634)flim (1940)fluttershy (174001)gilda (8215)gummy (4450)high winds (154)lightning streak (109)lyra heartstrings (24960)minty (1019)nightmare moon (14395)pinkie pie (179264)princess celestia (79405)princess luna (83997)rainbow dash (193641)rarity (148423)silver lining (179)silver zoom (179)soarin' (12023)spike (62725)spitfire (11522)sunshower raindrops (2007)tempest shadow (7736)thunderlane (3316)time turner (9061)tree of harmony (558)twilight sparkle (245856)vinyl scratch (29900)wave chill (106)winona (2025)zecora (7547)fanfic:daughter of discord (39)a very minty christmas (177)my little pony chapter books (160)my little pony: the movie (15275)pinkie pie and the rockin' ponypalooza party! (16)alicorn (146565)apple (11758)apple tree (1707)book (24860)bow (16841)bowtie (6558)build-a-bear (512)cake (7393)cauldron (784)ccg (1131)christmas (9065)christmas tree (2602)clothes (328194)collar (22651)collection (386)coloring book (174)comb (485)cookie (2723)crown (9349)cup (4120)cupcake (3971)cutie mark (30824)cutie mark crew (178)dog (6642)dog tags (393)dragon (31063)dress (32353)earth pony (125916)elements of harmony (2113)enterplay (1092)ethereal mane (3718)female (682171)figurine (750)filly (44166)food (45518)g3 (6089)gala dress (3719)generation 3 (13)hasbro (2023)hasbro logo (179)hat (57935)haters gonna hate (196)headband (2092)headphones (5531)holiday (10193)icy mist (5)idw micro series (38)irl (57639)jewelry (33294)lip balm (10)lunch box (9)male (230945)mare (297055)meme (70732)merchandise (3510)my little pony logo (2814)my little pony: the movie logo (26)necklace (10885)parasprite (1844)pegasus (164178)pez dispenser (13)photo (63572)plushie (18512)pony (624800)potions (49)puffer fish (195)rainbow power (2377)regalia (10346)royal sisters (2773)santa hat (4421)seaponified (1596)seapony applejack (231)seapony fluttershy (282)seapony (g4) (2919)seapony pinkie pie (417)seapony rainbow dash (251)seapony rarity (284)seapony twilight (334)shirt (15135)signature (13380)slap bracelet (8)species swap (14325)spike the pufferfish (169)stallion (63849)stockings (23768)super speedy cider squeezy 6000 (80)target exclusive (9)thigh highs (21117)toy (18654)tree (20082)t-shirt (2330)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (93908)ty plush (3)unicorn (174158)uniform (6815)vinyl disc (22)vinyl figure (52)wall of tags (1500)wings (43741)wonderbolts (2914)wonderbolts uniform (4612)

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Background Pony #E031
I’m still trying to find where it has any reference to "daughter of discord" in the picture. i can not find it for the life of me