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Heya everyone

Here they are again, the sitting cuties, this time as a commission for :iconthepegasuseffect: :)
They asked me to draw Windy Whistles and Firefly in an 80s look together

Hehe, found it a more or less unusual request for a commission and yet it was fun drawing them like that together, especially Windy Whistles and her mane XD While Firefly does look cute, as well with those wavy strains of heir haha. Love the 80s look, right? :P

Overall a piece I can't complain about that went simple and smoothly The outcome looks cute in my eyes, looking at the two sisters (yes, the commissioner told me, Firefly is Windy's sister, which makes her Rainbow Dash's aunt. Kind of a cute thought isn't it?).

Thanks a lot goes to the commissioner, it's been fun working on it!

Really hope you like the outcome :D

Time: Around 2 1/2 Hours

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