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semi-grimdark (23492)suggestive (108731)artist:jonfawkes (1534)applejack (142494)fluttershy (177445)pinkie pie (182763)rainbow dash (197267)rarity (151659)twilight sparkle (250747)comic:captured (3)arms behind back (3418)bondage (25665)boots (15127)breasts (190606)clothes (338405)cowboy hat (9638)elements of harmony (2152)evil grin (2904)grin (26406)hands behind back (949)hat (60155)high heel boots (4292)high heels (7735)human (125643)humanized (86560)mane six (25038)miniskirt (3259)panties (40015)restrained (1002)shirt (15961)shoes (22082)skirt (29959)smiling (173244)socks (46780)stetson (4223)tanktop (5564)thong (4576)tied hands (144)tied to chair (47)tied up (3646)underwear (47617)unsexy bondage (256)

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