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Mario: hey Sonic, why is your face red? why? huh?! huh?! why is it red? why you blushing huh?

Sonic: sh-shut up! I'm not blushing! I don't know what you're talking about!

Mario: you're lying, why don't you just admit you like Amy? come on, I know you do. you turned red when she was talking to you just now!
Sonic: Mario! knock it off!

I hope you guys like the dialogue I did. anyway, I saw this pony base and I thought of Mario taunting Sonic about him liking Amy. and Sonic as usual denying it, hehe. I hope you guys like it.



base from:
safe1588316 artist:katierose4527 artist:p-pulseeboomb1 earth pony203607 pegasus244515 pony855657 base used16310 blushing177950 cap3704 crossover57649 hat77473 mario1497 mario & sonic66 mario and sonic63 mario's hat113 nintendo3291 ponified38678 sega732 sonic the hedgehog2899 sonic the hedgehog (series)7117 story included7884 super mario bros.3556


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