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Sonic are fighting with the fight ending in Shadow’s defeat.

Sonic: Shadow, stop! You don’t have to do this!
Shadow gets ready for his next attack
Sonic: Please! Why can’t we be-
Shadow: I don’t need friends that hold me back! It’s a shame that you don’t get it into your litte brain!

Sonic holds out one hoof waiting for Shadow to lay one of his fronthooves on it but the dark pony smacks the hoof away.

Shadow: You’ll see Sonic when I stomp you into the ground the next time we meet. I will show you how powerful one can be without pathetic friends. Fare well, you idiotic bafoon!

With that Shadow teleports away.
Ponies: Drawn by me

Little real talk here: I know a lot of people ship Twilight and Shadow and I agree with that but… To be honest, the same can’t be said for the Sonic Boom version of Shadow. I would rather ship this version with Starlight Glimmer because both have very powerful abilities and both don’t/didn’t want friendship – Can someone agree with me there?


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