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From source:

Snow: "Daddy! Look, look! I’m snowboarding like you!"

DD: "That’s great!"

Snow: "Maybe I can go faster with my wings!"

DD: "Uhh… I don’t think that’s a good idea…"

Snow: "It’s okay! Scootaloo taught me this!"

DD: "Okay. If you say so…" keep watchful eye of his daughter

Snow: flutters wings really fast Ahhh! Daddy look at meeeeee!

DD: "Snow watch out! You’re going to Cra-!!!!"

Snow: crashes into a snowmare

DD: "-Sh. Snow are you alright?!" runs towards his daughter

Snow: pops out of snowmare 

DD: "Are you okay?"

Snow: "…. THAT WAS AWESOME! Can I do it again?!"

DD: "Maybe that’s enough for today, We can do this again next time."

Snow:"Aww! Okay!"

DD picks her up and puts her on his back

Snow: "Hey! Do you think Mommy will join us next time?! Maybe she is an awesome snowboarder! Or maybe a great ice skater!"

DD:Remember’s Twilight’s ice skating incedent that Pinkie told him W-well… It’s always good to hope for the best."

Snow:  yawns "Yeah…"

I love these two so much. 

Double Diamond belongs to hasbro
Snowlight belongs to me ©
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