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new next gen characters have appeared!

Meet Melvin! The son of MoonDancer and Colgate(Miunette)

Bio: As a foal, he was very timid and shy, He would always go to this mother, MoonDancer for comfort. She would comfort him and let him know that making friends is hard at first, but he will have them eventually. He is a big book worm like his mom, But as he gets older he is very sociable like his mom, Miunette. Once Melvin got his cutie mark, Both of his mother's and their friends were shocked that it was the mark of Magic. The same mark that Princess Twilight and Prince Shining Armor have. To this day they wonder what it means for him…

Meet Sun Sparkle! Also called Sun Spark(perferably), or Sun Sparks. She is the only daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Comet Tail.

Bio: When Sunset Shimmer decided to come back and live in her original world after graduation, She met a Stallion who was one of the first to really befriend her on her return, that stallion is Comet Tail. The two ended up being really good friends, He taught her that there is more to life than just friendship, and that there could always be a little something more, and greater than friendship….(love duh). The Two married and had a small wedding with only close friends and family. They then had a daughter, and in honor of a very dear friend of Sunset, She named her after her. "Sun Sparkle" Sun Sparkle is very energetic and loves metting new ponies. She is very kind and a good friend to most. To her close friends she doesn't mind being rude or ahem immature. She can create alot of dirty jokes, but never says anything in front of her parents.

Hope you like them c:

Melvin and SunSpark belong to me ©

mlp belongs to hasbro


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