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Travelling Pony Museum

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A majestic Fluttershy flying and bleeping

Special thanks to Anonshy for providing the sketch

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safe (1374679)artist:aureai-sketches (111)artist:cyanlightning (805)fluttershy (177290)absurd res (60479)chest fluff (23906)cute (138855)ear fluff (16392)female (708020)floppy ears (39462)flying (28043)mare (309953):p (5522)pegasus (172166)pony (648192)shyabetes (8687)silly (6214)simple background (276708)smiling (172926)solo (845428)spread wings (39044).svg available (6479)tongue out (71879)transparent background (145126)vector (64102)wings (47465)


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