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Here it is, the project I’ve been working on. This is an art book featuring definitive versions of my most beloved Tia and Luna comics. This is a high-res digital art book with eight overhauled comic strips plus some all new prose. I will eventually make it available for everyone, but my Patrons can download it now for free.
suggestive (108913)artist:lordstormcaller (94)princess celestia (81251)princess luna (85861)series:the royal sisters saga (29)absurd res (60516)anthro (191766)artbook (4)ass (34376)bbw (3276)belly (19520)belly to belly (5)belly touch (8)big belly (5613)big breasts (53297)big butts (34)bikini (13107)book (25591)book cover (223)bra (11710)breasts (190905)chubby (11125)chubbylestia (634)clothes (338742)comic (84880)comic book (496)cover (2491)duo (36784)duo female (5531)exclusive (28)face to face (84)fat (17012)female (710480)females only (8460)fetish (27779)hand on hip (3418)looking at each other (11541)missing cutie mark (3096)moonbutt (2497)muffin top (665)obese (8669)panties (40046)plump (5961)poking (513)princess moonpig (423)purple background (1672)royal sisters (3040)serious (820)serious face (824)simple background (277537)smiling (173474)swimsuit (19903)text (38003)title (189)underwear (47660)weight gain (2976)


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Isn’t saying something’s free through patreon, like saying a screen door is perfect for a submarine?
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