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safe (1374170)artist:schokocream (52)applejack (142262)fluttershy (177230)pinkie pie (182524)rainbow dash (197037)rarity (151354)twilight sparkle (250388)clothes (337589)crossover (51455)cute (138708)eeveelutions (27)espeon (99)female (707567)flareon (75)glaceon (95)human (125488)humanized (86483)jolteon (73)leafeon (56)mane six (24995)pokémon (7328)smiling (172838)sylveon (150)


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5 comments posted
eqq_scremble's avatar

Garbage man
So following this lineup how about
Sweetie Belle – Vaporeon
Scootaloo – Umbreon
Applebloon – Eevee
Can’t leave those three in the dust heh ( maybe we’ll get a new revolution that matches AB better in the new games pfp)

pinkies nug is a Sylveon !
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