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Just finished and ordered these!! Really excited for this new style of charms! These will be available at @BABSCon , EverfreeNW , BroNYCon , and eventually, my Etsy store! <3

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safe (1358033)artist:kellythedrawinguni (243)applejack (140712)fluttershy (175432)pinkie pie (180628)rainbow dash (195220)rarity (149543)twilight sparkle (247889)acrylic charm (2)alicorn (149129)charm (230)cute (135691)dashabetes (6077)design (376)diapinkes (5924)hanging (1289)hang in there (93)jackabetes (3669)mane six (24694)missing accessory (6255)one eye closed (18436)pony (634304)raribetes (3161)shyabetes (8455)twiabetes (7323)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (94941)wink (17503)


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