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On my AU, Derpy (Darayavaha Puran) is Raindrops (Bindavaran Puran)'s sister, wife of Ponet (Ardašias Monet), mother of Dinky (Vadfradad Puran) and Crackle Pop (Mithridateš Puran), and Postmistress of Ponyville (Xšatrapirradaziš æf Ævrefreodeh)

She was chosen to the newly-created position by Celestia herself after working for years in her shabestan, not least because she needed somepony to give her information on the town, as the return of Nightmare Moon, in order to detect possible bearers of the Amesha Spenta. the fact that she wasn't a complete stranger to the town (she was from Parthava, but her husband was from there) and there wasn't much competition for the job helped as well.

Standard in the back is based on this. On this universe, centuries after it ceased to be part of the royal standard, the Shahbaz was chosen for the symbol of the Equestrian post office.

Post office structure based on >>1890198, with the addition of doors, so i wouldn't have to draw the contents of the shelves.

Two days to complete this.
safe1580985 artist:mildgyth70 derpy hooves48176 anthro232665 plantigrade anthro27357 ziragshabdarverse58 banner1851 bell3751 boots19000 bowtie8688 clothes411827 female925534 post office237 shahbaz2 shoes30371 solo977805 traditional art109499 two toned wings1691 uniform9345


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You are my inspiration. Thank you. Please draw a hundred more — these are great. Also, imagine my surprise that this is the first ever Shahbaz on the site. Well done :)
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