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Yeah yeah… i promised Sonic wallpaper to be the next one after Rainbow Dash’es one but still… i enjoy doing mlp wallpapers more than Sonic ones… wait.. i didn’t even do any wallpaper about him what am i even talking about lol…
So now why i did her this time? Well i started to like her actually idk why but.. after she got defeated in the EG movie i felt bad for her i mean that face..   man this made me cry so much… like i’m not even joking!
Later after watching 2 other EG Movies (Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree) i realised that she has potencial to be a really good ’’person’’ and help others if needed!
Same as Starlight… but i’ll talk about it in the other post.. or wallpaper if i do for her…

Okay enough of this now.. let’s get to the wallpaper itself!
First of all.. uhh… this maybe doesn’t look good as previous one.. really i could spend sometime more on it but… maybe i’ll update it later!
And that vector style i choosed for her (I mean EG style of her) well.. i like it… i didn’t go with regular one because… well.. for me it fits perfectly… for wallpaper i mean!

And Credits… my favorite part.. i’m serious i love giving it to the owners:
Sunset Shimmer EG Style: BlueRainiPony
Sunset Shimmer Pony Style: jhayarr23
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark: ChainChomp2
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic owned by  


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