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(This continues from the original ending of the Administrative Unity, which was page 18)

An old enemy is returning to power to threaten Equestria once again. Now the fate of these lands fall upon the new fusions/alicorns to lead the nation and vitually the world against this darkness. How will the new royalty tackle these impending problems and threats while maintaining peace over their dominions.
This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!!

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safe (1429118)bow hothoof (768)cloudy quartz (1058)gentle breeze (222)igneous rock pie (737)night light (1738)posey shy (839)twilight velvet (3420)windy whistles (1596)oc (525135)oc:king speedy hooves (133)oc:princess mythic majestic (24)oc:princess sincere scholar (28)oc:queen galaxia (146)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (163512)earth pony (148187)human (130770)pegasus (187996)pony (697877)unicorn (203245)comic:fusing the fusions (177)comic:time of the fusions (33)alicorn oc (17806)aunt and nephew (107)canterlot (3968)canterlot castle (1264)child (1691)comic (89565)commissioner:bigonionbean (479)day (561)dialogue (50635)female (759890)fusion (3509)fusion:king speedy hooves (133)fusion:princess mythic majestic (24)fusion:princess sincere scholar (28)fusion:queen galaxia (114)hat (64731)human oc (178)husband and wife (839)jewelry (39054)male (257960)medic pony (1)nurse (1823)regalia (12307)sideburns (162)wheelchair (403)writer:bigonionbean (298)


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I’m surprised no one has posted that:
Night light is not me. Sparkle nor is twilight velvet
Also naming your daughter after yourself seems a little self serving doeant it?
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