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"Ah love ya, mamma"

For "AJ parents are alive" believers, this one’s for you!

Image the edit is based on
safe (1377888)alternate version (21052)artist:mrkat7214 (180)apple bloom (41893)pear butter (1874)absurd res (60519)adorabloom (1849)cute (139549)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2421)duo (36793)female (710675)filly (45961)hug (21602)mother and daughter (3784)pearabetes (190)pony (650204)simple background (277583)sweet dreams fuel (427)transparent background (145575)vector (64238)


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Background Pony #68E8
If there is ever a story where Apple Bloom finds and rescues her missing parents, this image would be great with it.
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