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"MINE! Who needs world domination when you have such a cute cinnamon roll?! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I just LOVE shipping Butterscotch (genderswapped version of Fluttershy) with intimidating mares XD

And if anyone asks, why Eris (genderswapped version of Discord) hasn't turned Daybreaker into a clown yet:

Well, she tried…

…but when you play with fire, you get burned. And Daybreaker doesn't hold back like "goody two shoes" Celestia XD
safe1703533 artist:banebuster168 daybreaker2813 discord30929 fluttershy212346 alicorn223938 draconequus11643 pegasus290648 pony964884 adorascotch124 adoreris68 all the mares tease butterscotch41 angry27163 blushing197139 butterbreaker6 butterscotch1857 butterscotch gets all the mares9 cheek squish887 clenched fist255 clenched teeth410 cross-popping veins1630 cuddling8359 cute199340 diabreaker78 discordia8 discoshylestia15 envy119 eris1964 eyes closed93208 female1360357 fire hair97 flutterbreaker7 gradient background12592 gritted teeth12194 half r63 shipping1983 hips2676 holding a pony2989 hug28205 implied discoshy144 implied shipping5012 jealous1230 love4994 love triangle400 lucky bastard1776 male371735 mane of fire1383 missing accessory8141 open mouth145237 rule 6326812 rule63betes656 shipping199913 smiling247508 spread wings54572 squishy cheeks2382 straight136144 sweat26278 sweatdrops721 this will end in petrification40 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257 wall of tags3052 wingboner8208 wings106844 worried3921 yandere907 yanderecord36 yanderis2


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Artist -

Noodles > Everything
And Eris asked to her cousin from another universe, Princess Eris if she can slave Daybreaker to leave alone Butterscotch