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A combination of >>648474 and >>648478 into a single image. The static part is wider than the animation, so I had a choice of either enlarging the dancing panel or shrinking the rest of the comic. I couldn’t decide, so I did both. This is the large version, with the last panel blown up.

Small version: >>1994063
safe1585721 artist:romanrazor112 princess celestia90418 twilight sparkle283696 alicorn197853 pony853867 good morning celestia33 :o3481 abstract background12132 animated92525 bipedal30911 blue-mane celestia40 bottomless12273 cheering738 clothes412612 comic101428 comparison3984 crying40229 dancing7622 duo49957 facehoof1647 fanfic10215 female931105 fluffy12927 frown21772 hoodie12336 immortality74 immortality blues564 immortality is awesome30 mare420341 misspelling2209 open mouth124274 partial nudity17381 raised hoof39803 rave580 sad22780 sitting55699 smiling217569 spread wings48190 sunglasses13122 tumblr34951 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115986 wide eyes16191 wings78986


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Most accurate reaction to how being immortal is like. Tho the reality is it depends on your own personal age, if you're the youngest, it's about as no different as living like a mortal, everyone whos older than you still dies. If you're middle or the eldest, well now you just got time to burn and spare, everyone else still runs the risk of dying by some other cause other than withering away and dying, so it's still not as much of a difference.
I'm not even above 30 and I know dis.
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