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A combination of >>648474 and >>648478 into a single image. The static part is wider than the animation, so I had a choice of either enlarging the dancing panel or shrinking the rest of the comic. I couldn’t decide, so I did both. This is the large version, with the last panel blown up.

Small version: >>1994063
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The "Wa" in "Waluigi"
Most accurate reaction to how being immortal is like. Tho the reality is it depends on your own personal age, if you’re the youngest, it’s about as no different as living like a mortal, everyone whos older than you still dies. If you’re middle or the eldest, well now you just got time to burn and spare, everyone else still runs the risk of dying by some other cause other than withering away and dying, so it’s still not as much of a difference.
I’m not even above 30 and I know dis.
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