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A combination of >>648474 and >>648478 into a single image. The static part is wider than the animation, so I had a choice of either enlarging the dancing panel or shrinking the rest of the comic. I couldn’t decide, so I did both. This is the small version, with the first four panels shrunk.

Large version: >>1994065
safe (1377235)artist:romanrazor (112)princess celestia (81233)twilight sparkle (250848)abstract background (8431)alicorn (153015)animated (81946)bipedal (26229)blue-mane celestia (36)bottomless (9795)cheering (548)clothes (338587)comic (84870)comparison (3523)crying (34433)dancing (6548)duo (36763)facehoof (1455)fanfic (9069)female (710121)fluffy (11082)frown (18739)good morning celestia (33)hoodie (9737)immortality (67)immortality blues (478)immortality is awesome (23)mare (311039)misspelling (1791):o (2958)open mouth (98919)partial nudity (11834)pony (649818)raised hoof (30066)rave (528)sad (19613)sitting (43776)smiling (173378)spread wings (39108)sunglasses (10871)tumblr (34147)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96866)wide eyes (13766)wings (47683)


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I guess, 30 years olds dislike having to start things over, while the 20 years olds loves starting things over.
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