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Like stealing apples, hiding away someplace high up and making high-pitched bat noises? Yeah.
safe (1522361) artist:silfoe (1527) oc (572994) oc:pterus (113) bat pony (40520) pony (796915) royal sketchbook (614) adopted offspring (939) apple (14038) bat pony oc (12624) book (29222) bookshelf (2785) colt (12769) description is relevant (723) dialogue (56565) ear fluff (21168) eeee (482) eyes on the prize (4653) fangs (20258) food (57268) grin (31089) happy (26232) hiding (1247) hoof hold (6864) implied twilight sparkle (1485) looking at something (2135) male (288167) offscreen character (27543) parent:princess luna (1813) parent:twilight sparkle (6804) parents:twiluna (283) prone (22144) sharp teeth (2877) smiling (202240) solo (936854) speech bubble (19104) squee (1901) teeth (7198) text (46260) underhoof (44977)


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15 comments posted

@LittleDog @dariyDfreeman

Look at the size comparison. I can see how he fits on the shelf based on that comparison. And he's about the same size as Flurry Heart. And she fit in a book case in the show. Granted she's a baby alicorn, but that's beside the point. I'm just saying, I can see Pterus fitting on the bookshelf.
Background Pony #1B29
I just hit me…… Flutterbat was Pterus's other biological mother!

No wonder we don't know where the other blood parent is.

(I tease. I know Silfoe will reveal her own thing about Pterus's other parent when she feels good and ready.)