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Artist’s description from DA:
So yeah, a random skecthdump of things that has no real place of their own or stuff i’m not going to finish. Enjoy!

1. Ponet: "You know what the best part of waking up is?" 
Fluttershy: "I don’t know, is it the sun on your face?" 
Ponet: "No, it’s that I get to wake up next to you" 

Snuggling ensues because Fluttershy can’t tell her man that he is a wierdo cheese machine.
Altough I think she enjoys his stupid overly romantic comments and doesn’t want him to stop.

2. Future Marigold in all her scarred glory.  She keeps her head up and tries to think positively, but sometimes losing her leg and eye gets to her and she cant help but to feel a bit bummed by the whole situation. 

3. Random small skecth of Bumble to make Marigold’s scale look way off. Cause why not. 

4. A possible reformed Maggot, only difference really being that he aquired tiny little sparkly butterfly wings. 

5. A potential draft of future Love Letter. Wanted to try and make her a real mix between pony and yak with her posture and everything but i’m not sure if I want to make this official. It is a suggestion but not canon. 

6. Future Inkwell, during the same time as Marigold. He is technically blind in his left eye and has gotten some miscoloration on his fur, among many other things. 

7. An old sketch of a bog unicorn character Spring Frost. I mentioned her a lot in this deviation: She is a hardcore mother figure. You will wear that extra sweater or she will make sure to kick your ass, after which she will treat your cold that you undoubtedly got for not listening to her.

8. Scarlet and Silver during a time when I was trying to think up what their relationship would be like. I settled on that they kinda like eachother but arent super close friends. Scarlet feels sorry for Silver a lot of the time and tries to give her helpful advice or help her if she has crash landed somewhere in her vicinity. Silver thinks Scarlet is nice and all (and appriciates the bandaids and helping hoof she offers whenever they meet) but that she runs with a wierd crowd. 

9. Cerulean and Curtain Call are both very close to Peachy (or will eventually become close to her anyway) and as a result dislike eachother at first. C.C trying to play the "she was my friend first" card by puffing himself in a maner very unlike him. Cerulean however is neither intimidated or impressed.

10. Story time with daddy Discord of how awful ponies are to poor little draconequus. If you don’t watch out they might even gobble you up if they figure out you’re not one of them. 
For a very long time Haywire was quite conflicted about wanting to meet ponies for the fear of being gobbled, even after her dad admitted he might have made that part up. 

11. A result of me watching too many Cuphead streams and wanting to try and draw someting kinda similar to that old disney style. Ripper checking out some ass and Scarlet readying to kick it.
semi-grimdark (23290)artist:vindhov (257)discord (25667)fluttershy (175856)ponet (291)oc (494860)oc:bumble (42)oc:cerulean (9)oc:curtain call (39)oc:haywire (25)oc:inkwell (50)oc:love letter (32)oc:maggot (5)oc:marigold twinkle (18)oc only (349938)oc:riposte (20)oc:scarlet heart (28)oc:silver lining (337)oc:spring frost (1)amputee (2616)anthro (189439)blind eye (171)braided beard (14)bubblegum (853)butterfly wings (335)changeling hybrid (69)colt (9657)cuphead (225)curved horn (4380)earth pony (130545)female (698389)foal (11710)food (46886)gum (677)horn (19349)hybrid (10638)interspecies offspring (4924)male (236406)mare (304878)missing eye (108)next generation (3967)offspring (26717)older (16471)parent:discord (2237)parent:donut joe (133)parent:flash sentry (1986)parent:fluttershy (3156)parent:good king sombra (95)parent:king sombra (842)parent:ponet (32)parent:prince rutherford (53)parent:princess cadance (1082)parent:princess celestia (1489)parent:queen chrysalis (828)parent:rainbow dash (3987)parent:rarity (2848)parents:celestibra (137)parents:discodash (34)parents:discolis (33)parents:flashlight (1725)parent:shining armor (959)parents:ponetshy (28)parents:rarijoe (50)parents:shiningcadance (669)parents:twiburst (150)parents:twiford (22)parent:sunburst (634)parents:windash (21)parent:twilight sparkle (5693)pegasus (169083)ponetshy (6)pony (638323)reformed (163)scar (7576)shipping (154283)simple background (273831)sketch (51020)sketch dump (2379)stallion (65593)straight (103821)stump (228)style emulation (3228)unicorn (179601)wall of tags (1561)white background (67378)yakony (55)


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