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Artist's description from DA:
"There he is!" Love Letter exclaimed quietly to herself as she looked out over the playground.
Some distance away stood the new kid, a hippogriff from Cloudsdale. His name was Hurricane and he had just recently moved to Ponyville, about a week ago now.

Love Letter had felt her little heart pounding from the moment she laid eyes on him, he was simply stunning. Not only was there finally another hybrid in the school made up of only ponies, but he was also seemed to be such cool guy.

Granted Love Letter didn’t know much about him, if anything at all apart from his name, but watching him during class and at recess had given her plenty of daydream material that he was in fact a pure gentleman with a bad boy’s exterior.

One thing that could have been seen as a worrying sign was perhaps the fact that he seemed to be friends with the school’s trouble maker Crabapple, but Love Letter was far too enthralled to pay any attention to that.

The school was soon to have an autumn masquerade, and Love Letter had managed to talk herself into asking her newly acquired crush to accompany her. Although she would have prefered her proposal to be a bit more grand with a romantic picnic and perhaps a fireworks show, a simple card would just have to do.

She was carrying said card in her mouth when she made her way over to Hurricane and his friend lounging by the swingset. The two were in such deep conversation that neither of them noticed her approach until she was right by them.
Crabapple was the first to spot Love Letter.

“The swings are taken, go play somewhere else…” she said in a disinterested tone.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to use the swings” Letter stated through gritted teeth
She could feel her heart jump when Hurricane turned around to look at her, making herself ready to ask.

“Hurricane, I was wondering if you would want to-” she was cut off.

“What the heck are you holding?” Hurricane said and leaned in to read the card, clearly not listening to whatever she was saying previously.

“ ‘Dear Hurricane, I would love for you to accompany me to the annual autumn masquerade’ ” he read out loud and laughed. “How old are you, five? You have to be a joking, who even makes cards for this shit?”

He kept laughing louder catching the attention from the other kids around them.
Humiliated and heartbroken Love Letter backed a bit.

“It wasn’t a joke…” she mumbled as she felt tears prick up in the corners of her eyes.

Other foals had started gathering around them to see what the commotion was about, something that only fueled Hurricane further.

“Oh man, you must be really dumb if you thought i’d ever want to go out with a cow! I thought this was a pony school how’d you even get in” He laughed further trying to get others to laugh with him.

Crabapple, who had looked on in silence until now, finally spoke up again trying to calm him down a bit.

“Dude chill, her mom is Princess Twilight”

“The princess of friendship got rammed by a bull?!” Hurricane almost cried with laughter “That’s kinky as heck!”

“Seriously, stop” Crabbie continued, seeming slightly disturbed by the subject.

“Oh what is she gonna do? Blast me with some frufru friendship ray?”

Some of the ponies around them looked on in shock and some tried holding back their snickering, for Love Letter it didn’t matter which of the two. All those eyes on her made her feel horrible and ashamed. She dropped the card and just as she was to turn around and run another colt spoke up.

“Leave her alone! Go be an ass somewhere else, she didn’t do anything to you!” The gray colt positioned himself between them, staring the hippogriff down.

With a huff and another laugh Hurricane backed off as Crabapple started pulling him away as well.

“He, fine. Wouldn’t want the cow to sit on me now that I’ve upset her”

The other foals dispersed as well leaving Love Letter alone with her saviour.

“You okay?” He asked cautiously.

Sniffling she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Thank you… uhm…?”



So yeah, the story wasn't really all that tricky to figure out and a lot of you guessed right
This is how Pferd and Letter met, they have been best buds ever since.

Hurricane is an asshole, but atleast Crabapple has some semblance of sense.
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