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This is a continuation (I made months ago) of this picture:
Since people asked where Applejack is. I also wanted to show my love for the closest thing to an actual couple for Princess Celestia.

Then there came along the Ember x Thorax which I HAD to include! Then there is my main pony, "Sol Bright". He gets to be with the excitable and cute Yona.
safe1587727 artist:azurllinate92 applejack160044 coloratura2717 king sombra12765 princess celestia90472 princess ember5868 thorax4014 yona4512 oc612070 oc:sol bright18 alicorn197795 changedling7353 changeling40770 dragon48854 earth pony203418 pony855219 unicorn270874 yak3898 annoyed5106 appletura1 bow24626 canon x oc22279 celestibra297 changeling x dragon23 cloven hooves9006 crying40490 egg3525 embrax186 eyes closed81201 female916322 folded wings4685 futurehooves36 happy27931 homosexuality21 horns4789 interspecies20880 king thorax2616 kissing22668 leaning3199 lesbian92512 looking at each other16817 lord ember1 male309358 next gen:futurehooves35 older23460 older yona86 ponytail15828 preglestia547 pregnant12376 rarajack204 shipping185484 side6459 size difference12798 smiling218162 solna9 speech3131 speech bubble20767 straight122710


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