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Artist’s description from DA:
Commission for Moon-the-feral-druid of a custom designed nextgen between Zecora and Tirek. 

Wanted to make something a bit different and based her a bit more on her uncle and grandma (Scorpan and Tirek’s mom) hence the wings. 
Really happy with how this turned out tbh and I hope you like it too.
safe (1377291)artist:vindhov (259)oc (501340)oc only (352631)armband (650)bipedal (26231)cloven hooves (6779)commission (37722)crack ship offspring (169)ear piercing (15523)earring (13277)female (710172)hybrid (10888)interspecies offspring (5010)jewelry (35391)nose piercing (1423)nose ring (1147)offspring (27178)parent:lord tirek (125)parent:zecora (251)piercing (26432)simple background (277419)solo (847022)spread wings (39112)staff (2301)white background (68373)wings (47688)


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