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Artist's description from DA:
"It's too hard" Noctis groaned as the book on top of her head once again fell to the floor.

"Patience young princess. Pouting will not help you with your posture, practice on the other hoof will" The purple unicorn, Madame Viola, said matter of factly as she levitated the book back into place. "Now take a deep breath and do it again"

With a disgruntled huff Noctis did as she was told and did her best to try and balance the book on her head as she walked. It sure was a whole lot harder than she first thought when her teacher had described the excersise and Noctis quickly found herself wanting to do anything but this. She could be out in the garden, playing in the kitchen or maybe see if her auntie needed help with something.
Lost in her thoughts Noctis didn't notice the book sliding off her head, yet again, until the thud of it hitting the ground startled her back to reality.

"Oh fumperdinkel…" she annoyedly whispered under her breath as she stopped.

"Miss Noctis, I know this is hard for you but please focus" The book levitated back "Now try it one more time"

The young princess scowled yet did it again, with the same result. Again the book was placed on her head and again she dropped it each time making the young princess more and more frustrated.

"Again" Viola would say.

Again Noctis would take a step wrong, tilt her head too much, loose her balance or accidentally drift of in thought. Even when she focused really hard she somehow failed. Once she fought she was doing well there was always some little thing that still wasn't right.

"Don't take too long strides" "Keep your tail lowered" "Chin up" "Fold your wings" "Eyes forward" is just some of the things Madame Viola would butt in with as they continued.

"Again" Viola said for what felt like the 100th time at this point.

Anger and frustration bubbled deep down in the little dracony as she started to feel tears stinging in her eyes.

"Relax your shoulders princess, imagine yourself floating gracefully across the floor"

Noctis tensed up further
"I can't do it" Noctis blurted out and lowered her head, letting the book crash to the floor.

"Of course you can, you just need more practise" Her teacher answered, noticably less calm then before. Frustration starting to take hold of her too. "Now pull yourself together, a princess can't let her feelings get the better of her. Try again"

"No!" The dracony tried digging her claws through the marble floor "I said I can't do it!"
Her face scrunched up as she tried to keep herself from crying, revealing her sharp teeth in a snarl.

"Princess~ " Viola started, a stern look on her face as she prepared herself to scold the young lady, however she never got to finish her sentence as Noctis growling interupted her.

"I'll never be a real princess! It's too hard, I can't do it!"
With that outburst both her tiny nubs for horns sparked up, a red-ish toned aura that wasn't her normal magic. Her eyes shifted to the same color and a steady smoke seemed to be eminating from them. Anger, sadness, frustration all bubbled up to the surface and before Madame Viola could even take in what was happening their eyes locked and the unicorn fell to the ground.
Her eyes took on the same color and glow as Noctis as her face contorted into a look of pure horror, then the screaming started.

The princess of the night was snapped out of her negativity by the awful wailings of her teacher who was now writhing on the floor, hoofs flailing wildly as if she was trying to fend off some unseen creature.
Noctis, terrefied as well, glimpsed the glow from her horns as well as the glow from Madame Viola's eyes. The puzzle pieces quickly fell into place as she realised she was the one doing it.
She had done… something, and now she didn't now how to make it stop. The tears she'd been holding back came flodding out but this time out of fear. She instinctively put her paws over her mouth and just kept crying unable to do anything.

"What in earth's name is going on in here?" She barely heard the voice of her cousin over Viola's screams.

"Madame Viola?!" He continued shouting louder this time.
Quickly he galloped over to them, his eyes frantically shifting between the screaming old lady on the floor and his bawling baby cousin. Seeing the glow of her horns he panickedly scooped her up with his own magic and stared her down

"What did you do?!"

"I don't know what happened!" She cried, eyes shot red from both the magic being used and her crying. "I can't make it stop!"

Cerulean was at a loss for words. He unconciously gripped her tighter with his magic.
Guards started streaming into the room, Luna and Celestia in tow.

"Cer, please help" Noctis sniffled before a new flash of light illuminated the room, this time coming from her flank.
As the light subsided it was clear for all to see, Noctis had just earned her cutiemark.


I remember why I hate writing.

Oh well atleast you have some more context to what is actually happening in this picture.
The spell eventually wore off. Both Noctis and Viola was rushed to the nearest infirmary, where they both spent some time being knocked out while everyone else was left wondering what the fudge just happened.

So Noctis is actually quite the powerful little hybrid creature, just not so much in normal unicorn magic. Like her mother she too has special abilities only she's not quite as good at controling them. She can make people hallucinate.
Noctis has some real hard times controlling her abilities and they will often flare up and hurt innocent ponies when she gets upset in any way.
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