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Melee attack: 10
Melee defense: 20
Armor: 30
Charge Bonus: 3
Anti-Air skill: 100
Reload: 3
Ammunition: 20
Range: 200
Precision: 60
Morale: 99
Soldiers in Unit: 4

Produced from: Ministry of Arcane Sciences Hub, Robotics Manufactory
Special Ability: Missile Launchers – fire a brief barrage of high-explosive missiles at a targeted area
Requirements: Advanced Robots

Description: The Ultra Sentinel was developed as a security asset for garrisons and vital war industry, but it’s not inconceivable to deploy one to the front lines. Serving as large automated tanks they are capable of breaking enemy lines and forcing melee confrontation with crushing swings of their arms if need be. But all-in-all, they use their arm mounted guns to deliver high-caliber rapid fire death on opponents and medium to long range, laying down suppression fire or cutting off an enemy charge. Though impervious to many weapons, they are expensive and not maneuverable with a wide turning radius or easily bogged down in swampy terrain. Still, because of the advanced nature of their engineering they are rigged to blow when they die, and the death of an Ultra-Sentinel will become a small balefire explosion primed to go off; killing friend and enemy alike.


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