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Artist's description from DA:
Here are some more redesigns of some of my characters.

First of is Yacht Club (this dude) with a swanky new color theme: White!
That and a new surrogate mom: Trixie!

Okay so originally his surrogate mom was Sassy Saddles but you know what? I haven't made up anything in my verse for Trixie (kind of) and I love Trixie so why the hell doesn't she have anything to do yet.
So I created this headcanon that Trixie was very short on money and somehow got in touch with Fancy Pants and Fleur who really needed some help with the lack of kiddies in their household. Trixie saw an opportunity and took it. Afterwards tho she is questioning weither or not it was really such a good idea. She has been known to occasionally spy on the unsuspecting lad whenever she is up in Canterlot, sometimes feeling some bittersweet feelings of something missing from her life.

It's a work in progress and I haven't decided to make it canon yet. Feel free to throw any type of suggestions at me about what to do with him. Is the white too boring?
Should I keep something in more style to his older more colorful design?

Next is the top girl who is a Sweetie Belle next gen. Her name is Sweet Cheeks and she will be replacing Sweet Tooth.
Ive been having some trouble coming up with her dad but managed to narrow it down to two candidates: Snips and Pipsqueak. But here is the thing with either of them, they are dead.
Sweet Cheeks dad died when she was very small and her momma Sweetie Belle eventually got together with Silver Spoon and they are now raising her together.

I'm having a bit trouble with which design and such to go with tho as I really like both of them. (I have my suspicions on what other might favor but I would still love to hear what you think)
If I were to go with the Snips one then I also have this idea that she spends a lot of time with her zen as fuck uncle Snails and that they often meditate and talk about life and silly things together which I totally love.
But the other one is pink and spotted so I dunno what to do here.

The Hippogriff dude is a Gabby x Scootaloo kid. (I think that ship is really cute <3) He is replacing Hurricane, and is still named Hurricane.
He is a complete brat with an ego the size of jupiter, so basically the polar opposite to his predecessor.

I just haven't decided if I want the grey-brown that fits gabby more or the brown-brown. Opinions?

And lastly there is Noctis! She got a dragon tail and a bit of re-tinting of her mane (its more pink than red now) I'm working on a new cutiemark for her but haven't managed to come up with anything solid yet (I'm also changing her personality to be more goofy and a bit of a prankster)
safe1586317 artist:vindhov275 oc611041 oc only412432 oc:hurricane46 oc:noctis57 oc:sweet cheeks112 oc:yacht club2 classical hippogriff4480 dracony5765 hippogriff8393 hybrid15488 pony853609 unicorn270284 clothes412976 cocky58 female907631 filly59954 foal14968 hat77295 interspecies offspring6457 magical lesbian spawn10827 male308446 next generation6152 offspring34665 parent:fancypants717 parent:fleur-de-lis310 parent:gabby74 parent:princess luna1965 parent:scootaloo728 parent:spike1999 parent:sweetie belle538 parent:trixie1713 parents:fancyfleur178 parents:gabbyloo42 parents:spiluna22 redesign1738 shirt21498 simple background348611 stallion93889 sunglasses13124 white background88176


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