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It is said that among all the precious gems, emeralds symbolize successful love, vitality, fertility, and truth; capturing in crystalline splendor the verdant spirit of the Earth. Such is its captivating power when emerald eyes lock.

See >>1994277 for colored version collab with Mimi!
safe (1360370)artist:spackle (35)applejack (140884)oc (494146)oc:buck evergreen (27)applejack's hat (3207)bandana (3418)canon x oc (17412)chest fluff (23430)cowboy hat (9407)earth pony (130103)eye contact (5367)female (696995)hat (59118)lidded eyes (16499)looking at each other (11229)male (235940)mare (304083)pony (637172)pulling (456)shipping (154086)smiling (170563)stallion (65418)straight (103697)traditional art (91019)


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